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Green Finance
Profitable, liquid, accessible facilities needed to channel capital towards sustainability
21 Sep 2023
IFC is investing up to 3.5 trillion dong to support the country’s low-carbon growth model
20 Sep 2023
Pricing tightened on back of strong investor demand
20 Sep 2023
Blended finance key to bridging energy transition financing gap in emerging markets
15 Sep 2023
Proceeds to develop Indonesian data centres with ambitious sustainability goals
14 Sep 2023
Public-private blended financing model targets Southeast Asian SME agri-businesses
13 Sep 2023
US$13.8 million loan to boost supply of emerging form of affordable, renewable energy
12 Sep 2023
US$30 million transaction bridges funding gap for 490MW Philippine energy portfolio
10 Sep 2023
4 Sep 2023
Partnership works to sustainably modernize digital infrastructure deployment in Asia
25 Aug 2023
50-year deal priced at 3.04%, includes S$50 million offering for public investors
25 Aug 2023
Vast investment need to accelerate breakthroughs in production, net-zero transitions
24 Aug 2023
Green transformation can attract up to US$6.7 trillion in investments and add 49-66 million jobs for the region
21 Aug 2023
Regulations are coming and companies must be ready for fundamental changes to how they operate
18 Aug 2023