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FLOW Digital Infrastructure has appointed Amandine Wang as its chief executive officer, effective January 1 2022. Based in Singapore, Wang will focus on driving the firm’s growth and the delivery of its mission to enable digital economies in Asia-Pacific.
25 Jan 2022
Real estate investment manager GLP has self-executed its maiden six-month commercial paper issue amounting to S$100 million (US$74.38 million) on the DBS’s FIX Marketplace.
24 Jan 2022
Strong growth in tech across Asia-Pacific will nurture many suitable de-Spac candidates
21 Jan 2022
Increased digitalization remains a crucial goal for many firms looking to stay ahead of curve. This is particularly true for financial firms aiming to further deepen their relationship with clients by offering customized investment solutions or receiving alerts on unusual transactional activity.
21 Jan 2022
Changes to trade and industry in the wake the pandemic and climate change, particularly rising labour costs and supply chain disruptions, are pushing many disruptive technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), electric mobility, and blockchain to forefront and creating new investment opportunities in 2022.
19 Jan 2022
French digital asset service provider aims to be Europe’s first crypto bank
19 Jan 2022
London-headquartered fintech firm Railsbank is expanding its presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia to support the growing demand for “embedded finance” in the Asia-Pacific region.
18 Jan 2022
David Lewis, former FATF secretary, has extensive anti-money laundering experience
18 Jan 2022
Fintech leads country’s alternative lending sector, focuses on underbanked individuals, MSMEs
17 Jan 2022
China’s central bank has issued a development plan for the fintech sector for 2022 to 2025, providing guidance, targets, key tasks, and support for the financial industry’s digital transformation.
14 Jan 2022
Industry, public stakeholders views invited on its ‘risk-based, pragmatic, agile regulatory regime’
13 Jan 2022
Digital finance took centre stage at Hong Kong’s annual Asian Financial Forum as speakers discussed how economies and companies are using technology to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic.
12 Jan 2022
The Asset speaks with Andrew Shirley, the editor of Frank Knight's The Wealth Report, on the 2022 outlook for passion investments such as classic cars, art and wine, and the market for digital art.
10 Jan 2022
Green fintechs are becoming key players in ESG investing, buoyed by digital technology, decentralization, thematic investing, and investor demand.
10 Jan 2022
E-commerce aggregator Rainforest aims to acquire more brands in Asia after raised US$20 million in its latest funding round.
7 Jan 2022